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How Does Online CPE Compare to Live CPE?
I'm sure you'll agree that there are advantages and disadvantages to both online Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and live CPE. In fact, a good balanced CPE plan should include both live and online CPA CPE. Let's explore some of the reasons.

The upside to online CPE is tremendous. First, online CPE can be taken anywhere and at anytime. This offers great convenience and flexibility for the online CPE student. Online CPE can be completed during lunch hours, before work, late in the evening and on the weekends. Many night owls are completing online CPE while their colleagues snooze. And if online CPE is completed during the work day, it is flexible to change as your schedule dictates. Learn more about online CPE.

Secondly online CPE is less expensive than live CPE. Online CPE providers generally do not have the same overhead costs associated with providing appropriate facilities for students. Review online CPE prices.

Thirdly, with recent advances in technology, online CPE has become quite sophisticated and allows for a level of interaction even missing in some live CPE courses. For example, online CPE students can be prompted to answer questions throughout the course with immediate feedback provided based on the online CPE student's response. In a live CPE classroom, it's often difficult to engage every student in the CPE course. Preview an interactive online CPE course.

The downside to online CPA CPE, however is the lack of face to face human intervention as provided in a live CPE course. Many online CPE students site lack of motivation as one of the pitfalls of online CPE. This is understandable as participation in a live classroom encourages idea generation and sharing amongst students. This is difficult to duplicate in an online CPE course. Learn more about online CPE.

In summary, it's probably a good idea to include both online CPE and live CPE courses in your CPE plan. You'll reap the benefits of both.

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