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Do You Know What You Need To Know About CPE?
The purpose of this article is to make sure that you know what it is that you need to know about the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) portion of renewing your CPA license.

We won't get into state specific CPE details, but as you research your own state's CPE requirements, these are the items you'll need to resolve:

How Many CPE Credits Do I Need and How Often?

Generally, most states require at least 20 hours of CPA CPE credit per year with at least 120 hours over a three year period. This averages to 40 hours of CPE credit per year. Additionally, many states have separate requirements for ethics CPE courses which must be taken once every couple of years.

The due dates for CPE vary by state with many states using the last day of the month of the CPA's birthday. Other states use one specific date for all CPAs. June 30th seems to be a popular date for renewal. Begin accumulating CPE credits now.

Who Are Approved CPE Sponsors?

Over 50% of states have no formal registration or approval process for CPE sponsors. In order for CPE to be valid in these states, the CPE course must meet or exceed the state's minimum guidelines.

A handful of states require specific registration of CPE sponsors. In these cases, the CPE sponsor is generally issued a registration number by the state which the sponsor should display to prospective students.

Also, in many states, CPE sponsors may register with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) in lieu of registering with the specific states. Learn more about Apex CPE courses.

What Formats of CPE Can I Take?

Of course, states also vary in the format of CPE which is allowed. Naturally, all states allow live CPE courses. Also all states allow self study CPE courses, however many states limit the amount of self study CPE you are allowed to take and some states distinguish between the type of self study CPE allowed.

Generally, states define self study CPE as interactive or non-interactive CPE. Interactive CPA CPE generally means that the CPE course prompts the student with questions and provides feedback to the student's response. Learn more about self study CPE.

These CPE factors are an important part of renewing your CPA license, so don't take them for granted.

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