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Balance Your Continuing Professional Education (CPE)
What happened to busy season? It seems to be all year long now. Do you remember when you used to have down time and could attend to things like your continuing professional education (CPE)?

Those times are gone. So today you must be creative in balancing your schedule and attending to your CPA CPErequirements.

So, how do you determine the right balance of continuing professional education? You diversify. Yes, just like in portfolio management, you strike the right balance in your continuing professional education portfolio.

What factors are relevant when considering continuing professional education?

Total Time Required - When selecting a continuing professional education course, compute the total time you will spend on the course including registration, advanced preparation, commute time, and lunch breaks. In many cases, you'll find that you spend a great deal more time than the actual CPE credit you receive.

Convenient - Does the continuing professional education course fall right in the middle of your busy work day? If so, you might consider continuing professional education offered in the evenings or weekends.

Enjoyable - Are you dreading your next continuing professional education course? If so, it's doubtful that you'll learn very much. Continuing professional education should be exciting. You should be fired up about what you learn. Your continuing professional education should generate concepts which you integrate into your professional life.

Flexible - Emergencies do arise which totally rearrange our schedules. A well balanced continuing professional education plan should include contingency courses which can be taken anywhere anytime.

Technical Expertise - It's not continuing professional education unless you learn something. We are all in a position to improve our skill sets. Make sure you choose continuing professional education that contributes to that goal.

Balance your Continuing Professional Education (CPE) portfolio now!