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Course 751001 - Navigating the Global Economy
  Course Description
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This Course is based on the electronic .pdf file(s) Navigating the Global Economy
by: Lisa Chenevert, CPA   (2023 )
Field of Study: Finance
CPE Credit: 13 Hours
Level: Basic
Prereqs: None
State Exceptions: None
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There is no book for this course. The course is based on an electronic .pdf file which you can download now.
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Electronic Downloads:
Navigating the Global Economy
by: "Lisa Chenevert, CPA", 2023, 270 pages
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Course Description:
This course provides an extensive examination of macroeconomics, diving deep into its fundamental concepts and applications. The course content is spread across twelve comprehensive chapters, each exploring a significant facet of macroeconomics. We begin with the basics of macroeconomics, discussing economic output, consumer spending, unemployment, inflation, and macroeconomic policies, among other topics. Subsequent chapters deepen this understanding, delving into the role of macroeconomic indicators, central banks and monetary policy, and the advent and impact of digital currencies. The latter part of the course explores fiscal policy, international trade, macroeconomic cycles, entrepreneurship, and free markets, underlining their impacts on business strategy and economic growth.. This course, thus, serves as a comprehensive guide for anyone seeking to navigate the economic landscape with a robust grounding in macroeconomic principles.+

Course Topics:
Understanding Economic Output and Income Role and Impact of Consumer Spending
The Unemployment Phenomenon Inflation and Macroeconomic Policies
Global Trade's Macroeconomic Impact Importance of Macroeconomic Indicators
Role of Central Banks and Monetary Policy Digital Currencies' Impact on Macroeconomics
Power and Influence of Fiscal Policy Dynamics of Int'l Trade and Exchange Rates
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