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Course 681001 - The Payroll Book A Guide for Small Business
  Course Description
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This Course is based on the book The Payroll Book, A Guide for Small Business and Startups
by: Charles J. Read, CPA   (2020 )
Field of Study: Taxation
CPE Credit: 10 Hours
Level: Basic
Prereqs: None
State Exceptions: None
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Course Description:
The Payroll Book, A Guide for Small Business and Startups CPE course is designed to teach the basics of payroll and payroll-related business components. The course is geared towards the small business, defined as under 50 employees. The author, Charles J. Read, is an MBA, CPA, US Tax Court Practitioner, member of Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council (IRSAC) and President of GetPayroll. . Mr. Read’s companies have provided full-service payroll services, payroll tax services, and other payroll-related services since 1991. The book covers many aspects of payroll including: 1) How entity selection affects Payroll; 2) Who is an employee and who is not; 3) Earnings including overtime and overtime exemptions; 4) Deductions: Voluntary, Involuntary and by Statute; 5) Payroll Taxes, and of course the perennial favorite Tax Penalties. The book also covers calculating a paycheck including, capturing time, calculating earnings, overtime and blended overtime calculations, additions to earnings taxable and non-taxable, reductions to earnings pre-tax and after-tax, and payment of employees. Other areas that are covered include Record Keeping, Workers Compensation, Internal Controls, Disaster Recovery, PEOs, Escheat, and Employee handbooks. When you are done with this course you will be able to evaluate, discuss and process payroll for small businesses with confidence.

Course Topics:
Entity Selection Who is an Employee
Earnings Deductions
Payroll Taxes Tax Penalties
Record Keeping Workers Compensation'
Internal Controls Escheat
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