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Information Systems and Technology for Managers an
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Information Systems and Technology for Managers and Entrepreneurs
by: Dr. Jae K. Shim, Ph.D., 2009, 161 pages

20 CPE Credit Hours
Technology & Operations

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Chapter 1 - Models For Decision Making

1.    How do information systems and information technologies differ?   N/A
The terms information systems and information technologies are essentially the same and can be used interchangeably.
The term information systems describes all the components and resources necessary to deliver its information and functions to the organization. The term information technology refers to the various hardware and software components necessary for the system to operate.
Information technology can contain simple hardware components such as pencil-and-paper while information systems rely on computer based technologies.
The term information technologies describes all the components and resources necessary to deliver its information and functions to the organization. The term information systems refers to the various hardware and software components necessary for the system to operate.
2.    Information systems are classified as either operations or management support information systems. Which one of the following would NOT be classified as a management support system?   N/A
Transaction processing systems.
Executive information systems
Management information systems.
Decision support systems.
3.    software suite is best described as a(n):   N/A
General purpose application program.
Application specific program.
System management program.
System development program.
4.    Components in system software do not include:   N/A
Language processors
Application software
Utility programs
Operating systems
5.    Information systems do not cover:   N/A
Office information systems
Decision support systems
Personal development systems
Management Reporting system
6.    Which one of the following statements about an executive information system (EIS) is incorrect? The EIS   N/A
Provides top executives with immediate and easy access to information in a highly interactive format
Helps executives monitor business conditions in general and assists in strategic planning to control and operate the company
Is designed to accept data from many different sources; to combine, integrate, and summarize the data; and to display this data in a format that is easy to understand and use
Is likely to be one of the most widely used and the largest of the information subsystems in a business organization
7.    Which of the following statements is not true?   N/A
Companies may choose to use information technology to support efficient everyday operations.
If a company emphasizes strategic business uses of information technology, its management should view IT as a major competitive differentiator..
A company emphasizing the use of IT as a competitive strategy would emphasize the hardware and network performance of the infrastructure.
A company emphasizing the US of IT as a competitive advantage would devise business strategies that would use IT to develop products, services and capabilities that would give the company major advantages in the markets in which it competes.
8.    Decisions made at the operational management level tend to be more:   N/A
9.    Activities that describe management activities do not include:   N/A
10.    Levels of managerial decision making do not include:   N/A
11.    Which of the following is not an MIS model:   N/A
12.    Conceptually, the circuitry of a central processing unit (CPU) can be subdivided into two major subunits that are called the:   N/A
Arithmetic-logic unit and control unit
Control unit and RAID unit
RAID unit and CD-RW unit
Fuzzy logic unit and neural net unit
13.    A computer is a system of hardware devices that are organized according to their system function. The function of a processing device is to:   N/A
Convert data into electronic machine-readable form for direct entry or through telecommunications links into a computer system
Perform the arithmetic and logic functions required in computer processing
Convert electronic information produced by the computer system into human- intelligible form for presentation to end users
Store data and program instructions needed for processing
14.    Components of a computer system unit do not include:   N/A
Utility board
System board
Central processing unit
Main memory
15.    _______________________ is not an example of Internet appliances:   N/A
Satellite radio
Set-top boxes
Cellular phones
16.    A dual-core device contains:   N/A
Two independent microprocessors
Two disk drives
Two sets of systems software
Two key boards
17.    Selecting a laptop computer is trickier than buying a desktop PC because laptops are more ____________ and more personal.   N/A
18.    Which of the following is the latest Microsoft’s Windows operating system:   N/A
Windows Vista
Windows XP
MS and MAC
19.    Major functions provided by operating systems (OS) do not include:   N/A
Management tasks
User interface
20.    An open source code operating system is:   N/A
Netware OS
Microsoft Windows
21.    A local-area network (LAN) operating system developed by Novell Corporation is:   N/A
22.    A sample statement of fourth generation language is:   N/A
Select name from executive
Counter: = 20
Update the inventory file by transaction file
23.    Examples of third generation programming include all the following except:   N/A
Machine Code
24.    .___________________ is not a third generation programming language:   N/A
25.    The interaction of programming objectives that groups together other programming procedures is:   N/A
Query language
Object-oriented programming (OOP)
C language
26.    _________________ is commercial software offered to users without initial charge.   N/A
27.    Computer manufactures are now installing software programs permanently inside the computer as part of its main memory to provide protection from erasure or loss if there is interrupted electrical power. This notion is called:   N/A
File integrity
Software control
Hardware security
28.    Software that is not protected by copyright law is:   N/A
Proprietary software
Public domain software
Single user license software
Site users license software
29.    Which one of the following statements would best describe presentation graphics software?   N/A
May require additional hardware capabilities, such as the use of color monitors or graphic terminals
Cannot be used to produce hard copy reports
Present data only in the form of numeric tables
Produce results, which totally replace displays of numbers and text material
30.    The smallest element of data addressed in a file is a:   N/A
31.    A set of related characters, like a social security number, is called a:   N/A
32.    Major database software is:   N/A
Power Point
33.    _____________________ involves using a microcomputer and peripherals to mix text and graphics to produce high quality printouts.   N/A
Powerpoint presentation
Desktop publishing
Graphic software
34.    Which one of the following is a personal information manager?   N/A
MS Outlook
35.    You cannot get software assistance from:   N/A
Software vendor
Software on-line help
Professional consulting firms
36.    Database management systems offer many advantages over file management systems; one advantage defined as “the same data field appears in different tables sometimes in different formats” is:   N/A
Improved data integrity
Reduced data redundancy
Improved data security
Reduced development time
37.    Types of file organizations used on secondary storage devices do not include:   N/A
Indexed sequential
Direct file
Probability file
Sequential file
38.    File organization used on secondary storage devices and filed on tape are processed as:   N/A
Direct file
Index-sequential file
Sequential file
Norton file
39.    A database with fields and records arranged in a family tree, with lower-level records subordinate to higher-level records is:   N/A
Direct file
Hierarchical database
Relational database
Sequential file
40.    In databases, the data records are organized and identified by using key fields which include all the following except:   N/A
Primary keys
Secondary keys
Temporary keys
Foreign keys
41.    Other features in a database managements system that stores data definitions or a description of the structure of data used in the database is:   N/A
Database recovery
Database utilities
Data dictionary
Database design
42.    Some techniques to recover a system failure include all except:   N/A
Recovery via processing
Recovery via rollback/roll forward
Horizontal/vertical spacing
Transaction logging
43.    A query language is a simple English-like language. T F   N/A
44.    New data communication technologies do not include:   N/A
Cone/rod coding
Voice mail
Electronic mail
45.    Data representation that uses a binary system to represent anything is usually:   N/A
Analog Data
Digital Data
Voice Data
Picture and Video Data
46.    A communications medium that is one or more central wires surrounded by thick insulation is:   N/A
Twisted-pair cable
Coaxial cable
Optical fiber.
A satellite
47.    Fiber optics are regarded as the communications media of the future primarily because of:   N/A
Greater flexibility
Greater mobility
Greater resistance
Greater speed and capacity
48.    Which of the following statements is false regarding security software?   N/A
Firewalls block unauthorized traffic from entering the Intranet.
Monitor the separation of duties within applications
Security software controls access to information system resources
Security software identifies and authenticates users, controls access to information, and records and investigates security related events and data.
49.    The ________________ a collection of interconnected computer networks, linked by copper wires, fiber-optic cables, wireless connections, etc.   N/A
50.    Which of the following statements is false regarding Internet2?   N/A
Internet2 is a high-performance network that uses an entirely different infrastructure than the public Internet we have today
Internet2 is intended to replace the Internet
Most Internet2 users are connected via Abilene
Internet2 is all about high-speed telecommunications and infinite bandwidth
51.    In distributed data processing, a ring network:   N/A
Has all computers linked to a host computer, and each linked computer routes all data through the host computer
Links all communication channels to form a loop, and each link passes communications though its neighbor to the appropriate location
Attaches all channel messages along one common line with communication to the appropriate location via direct access
Organizes itself along hierarchical lines of communication usually to a central host computer
52.    An insurance firm uses a wide area network (WAN) to allow agents away from the home office to obtain current rates and client information and to submit approved claims using notebook computers and dial-in modems. In this situation, which of the following methods would provide the best data security?   N/A
Dedicated phone lines
Call-back features
Frequent changes of user ID's and passwords
End-to-end data encryption
53.    Which of the following statements is not true regarding real time conferencing as compared to telephone conferencing?   N/A
Only two users can communicate simultaneously
A written record can be kept of all statements
It is also called ôchattingö
Problem situations may be solved more quickly
54.    ________________ is not an automatic feature available for different types of modems:   N/A
Self test
Extra sensory log-in
Direct dialing
Auto/ dial
55.    Downloading or uploading file from an online system is:   N/A
Electronic mail
File transfer
Online research
Online transactions
56.    A topology that provides a reliable, complex network structure relatively immune to bottlenecks and other failures because of its multiplicity of paths is:   N/A
Hierarchical Topology
Mesh Topology
Star Topology
Ring Topology
57.    The disadvantages of interfacing networks (LANs) include:   N/A
If one LAN fails, the other LAN still functions
Some network functions may not be able to go across network boundaries
It is more reliable and can be used for critical activities
It is flexible in having individual sub-networks to meet particular tasks.
58.    A network that covers a large geographic area is most commonly referred to as a(n):   N/A
Wide area network
Local area network
59.    Your text describes a number of telecommunications networks. A network that serves a company that is located on one floor or in one building is called a(n):   N/A
Bus network
Local area network
Dedicated network
60.    Advantages of interfacing networks do not include:   N/A
Greater complexity
Lower total network costs
Can be used for critical activities
61.    Some of the most popular user friendly commercial online services include all the following except:   N/A
62.    There are several types of online systems. An example of commercial online systems is:   N/A
Customer supplier (direct connection)
Bulletin board
Stock marketing research
Direct connection
63.    __________________________ is not one of US Government’s STAT_USA online database services:   N/A
Hoover's Online
Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)
Bureau of the Census
Bureau of Labor Statistics
64.    An organizational Internet that is guarded against outside access by a firewall is a(n):   N/A
Private Internet
Virtual private network
65.    The spectrum of telecommunications-based services today is wide and expansive. Which of the following is not part of the spectrum of telecommunications-based services available?   N/A
Broadcast TV
Multimedia services
66.    Practical applications of Intranet do not include:   N/A
Furnishing outside CPAs with accounting, audit, and tax information
Creating virtual private networks (VPNs) between companies, business partners, and clients.
Transferring information to government agencies (e.g., Department of Commerce, SEC, IRS)
Providing information to salespersons in the field and managers at different branch
67.    Intranets provide all except one of the following features:   N/A
Easy navigation
Rapid prototyping
68.    Practical applications of Intranets will not include:   N/A
World Wide Web services
Displaying e-mail
Providing spreadsheets and data reports
Furnish resource needs and reports to suppliers
69.    The majority of Web applications operate in the Web server through a common gateway interface (CGI) to connect users to databases. Most CGI programs are written in:   N/A
C language
TCL or Pert (a script language)
C++ language
Basic HTTP
70.    Many popular business uses of the Internet include:   N/A
Electronic discussion forums and bulletin board systems
Gathering information by performing online searches using web browsers and search engines
Downloading software and information files and accessing databases
Holding real-time conversations with other Internet
71.    A secure network that uses the Internet as its main backbone network to connect the Intranets of a company's different locations, or to establish Extranet links between a company and its customers, suppliers, and other business partners is called a(n):   N/A
Local are network
Wide area network
Virtual private network
Client/server network
72.    You should not consider ___________________________ in selecting software:   N/A
Ease of use
Ease of customization
Compatibility and integration
73.    __________________ is not a module of integrated accounting software.   N/A
Accounts receivable
Working capital management
Fixed assets
74.    ________________ serves as a cross-functional enterprise backbone that integrates and automates many internal business processes and information systems within the manufacturing, logistics, distribution, accounting, finance, and human resource functions of a company.   N/A
Enterprise resource planning
Supply chain management
Electronic data interchange
Value chain management
75.    Fundamentally, ________________ helps a company get the right products to the right place at the right time, in the proper quantity and at an acceptable cost.   N/A
Enterprise resource planning
Supply chain management
Electronic data interchange
Material requirement planning
76.    Companies are turning to customer relationship management (CRM) to improve their customer focus. CRM uses information technology to create a cross-functional enterprise system that integrates and automates many of the customer-serving processes in the following functional business areas except?   N/A
Internal control
Customer service
77.    Which one of the following is the least likely financial goal or target?   N/A
Expected returns on investment
Earnings growth
Innovation and patents
Desired debt-to-equity ratios
78.    Lack of proper funds management does not imply:   N/A
Lower profits
Possible bankruptcy
Higher leverage.
Poor financing decisions
79.    Which one of the following is not an application of the Z Score Model?   N/A
Merger analysis
Loan credit analysis
Character analysis
Auditing analysis
80.    Financial ratio analysis addresses all except:   N/A
How well a business is doing?
How budgets are prepared?
What are a business' strengths?
What are a business' weaknesses?
81.    Which of the following is not an example of short-term decisions?   N/A
What is a safe minimum cash balance for the firm?
Should you lease or buy?
How much does the cash flow fluctuate seasonally?
When do these seasonal fluctuations occur?
82.    Manufacturing disciplinary areas do not include:   N/A
Manufacturing intelligence
Facility design
83.    Product engineering is the starting point for product distribution. T F   N/A
84.    CAM includes the following functions, except:   N/A
Lunar design
Numeric control
85.    The goal of JIT is not to:   N/A
Produce limited production runs
Produce with no waste of labor
Produce instantly with no lead time
Produce good quality products
86.    Information needs of marketing managers do not include:   N/A
Improving new product development
Supply chain
Market orientation
Market segmentation
87.    Marketing MIS subsystems do not include:   N/A
Product development
Internal systems
Market research
88.    The primary purposes of a sales plan do not include:   N/A
To reduce uncertainty about the future revenues
To eliminate management judgments and decisions from the planning process (e.g., in the marketing plans)
To provide necessary information for developing other elements of a comprehensive profit plan
To facilitate management's control of sales activities
89.    Sales planning and forecasting often are confused. Although related, they have distinctly different purposes. T F   N/A
90.    Risk analysis does not handle:   N/A
Compact in put
Fitting data to distributions
91.    Palisade's DecisionTools Suite is a DSS tool for   N/A
Financial statement analysis
Contribution analysis
Risk and decision analysis
Break-even analysis
92.    An Expert system contains six major components with one of the components featuring online help facilities, debugging tools, and other tools designed to assist users, this feature is known as:   N/A
Knowledge Database
Domain Database
User Interface
Intelligence Interface
93.    Which one of the following statements would best describe expert systems software?   N/A
Is normally developed using traditional languages like COBOL and FORTRAN
Includes an inference engine program used to process the rules and facts related to a specific problem
Uses a knowledge base containing only facts
Uses a model base and makes decisions
94.    A bank implemented an expert system to help account representatives consolidate the bank's relationships with each customer. The expert system has:   N/A
A sequential control structure
Distinct input/output variables
A knowledge base.
Passive data elements
95.    Which method of knowledge representation represents knowledge in an expert system's knowledge base in the form of cases, such as past performance, occurrences and experiences?   N/A
Case-based reasoning
Frame-based knowledge
Object-based knowledge
Rule-based knowledge
96.    Fuzzy logic deals with:   N/A
Precise values
Degrees of certainty
97.    An application of an Expert System used in the global financial market is:   N/A
24 hours Trading Programs
98.    The drawbacks of an expert system include:   N/A
Increased output and productivity
Failing to adapt to a continually changing environment
Capture of scarce expertise
Knowledge sharing
99.    Which one of the following is a benefit of expert systems?   N/A
Their ability to preserve and reproduce the knowledge of experts
Their ability to support subjective managerial decision-making
Their limited focus
Their use in problem areas requiring broad knowledge and subjective problem solving
100.    Fraudulent emails are also known as:   N/A
Data Manipulation

Chapter 2 - Selecting Computer Hardware

Chapter 3 - Using Systems Software

Chapter 4 - Data And Data Management

Chapter 5 - Data Communications

Chapter 6 - Network And Telecommunications

Chapter 7 - Internet And Intranet

Chapter 8 - Accounting Information Systems And Packages

Chapter 9 - Decision Support Systems

Chapter 10 - Control And Security Of Information Systems

Chapter 11 - Financial Management Information Systems and Packages

Chapter 12 - Manufacturing Information Systems and Packages

Chapter 13 - Marketing Information Systems and Packages

Chapter 14 - Decision Support Systems

Chapter 15 - Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems

Chapter 16 - Control And Security Of Information Systems

Chapter 17 - Wireless technologies