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Course 371011- Sales Management: Products and Services
  Final Exam
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371011v - Sales Management: Products and Services

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Final Exam
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Read 'Chapter 1: Sales management and selling: Its development and role in the American society' & answer the following question(s):
1. Which of the following statements about sales management in the 21st century is true?
2. __________ is the two-way flow of communication between a buyer and seller, often in a face-to-face encounter, designed to influence a person's or group's purchase decision.
3. __________ is the practice of building ties to customers based on a salesperson's attention and commitment to customer needs over time.
4. Partnership selling is sometimes called:
5. The contributions of selling include all except:
6. Our economy has shifted from a “manufacturing-oriented” economy to a:
Read 'Chapter 2: The salesperson’s responsibilities and qualifications' & answer the following question(s):
7. Successful selling does all the following except:
8. The salesman’s duties also include:
9. The only business function that generates direct revenue and profits is:
10. _______________ is not a common way to classify the salesperson’s job:
11. Which of the following is not required for the Executing Skills category of SMEI’s SCPS® certification program.?
Read 'Chapter 3: Selling as a career' & answer the following question(s):
Read 'Chapter 4: Motivation and consumer behavior' & answer the following question(s):
12. To be effective in his/her work the salesman must be able to do all the following except:
13. Maslow's theory of motivation is based on a hierarchy of human needs. The need satisfied by greater income is
14. Theories of buyer motivation do not include:
Read 'Chapter 5: Information on the company, the product, competition, and advertising' & answer the following question(s):
15. Although a salesperson is well informed as her product she need not know:
16. _______________ is not an advantage of advertising:
17. Product information helps the salesperson to:
18. The three C's of credits not include:
19. There are many different ways in which the word price is used. This does not include:
20. _________________ is not a law regulating prices and trade practices:
Read 'Chapter 6: Credit, pricing, and discounts' & answer the following question(s):
Read 'Chapter 7: The selling process and prospecting' & answer the following question(s):
21. The selling process can be broken into a series of steps that include all except:
22. Which one of the following is not a prospecting method?
Read 'Chapter 8: Types of sales presentations and considerations for effective delivery' & answer the following question(s):
23. ________________________ is not a type pf sales presentation:
24. An effective delivery to be successful will not include:
25. The salesperson will always explain her product or service in terms of appeal except for:
26. The successful sales person will emphasize:
Read 'Chapter 9: Opening the sales interview' & answer the following question(s):
27. In executing the opening , _____________________ is not one of the things that a salesperson should avoid:
Read 'Chapter 10: Handling objections' & answer the following question(s):
28. Which of the following is not a major cause of customer complaints?
29. Price objections can not include:
30. Objection based on bad service experience does not include:
31. To handle objections in a positive manner the salesperson should do all the following except:
Read 'Chapter 11: Closing the sale' & answer the following question(s):
32. In closing the salesperson should not:
33. The most accurate closing signals furnished by the prospect’s comments include all except:
34. Trial closes are not usually necessary when:
35. Which of the following is not a common method used for closing?
Read 'Chapter 12: Customer relations' & answer the following question(s):
36. Successful selling cannot depend on:
37. Good relations with customers can be developed by:
Read 'Chapter 13: Ethics in selling' & answer the following question(s):
38. Ethics in selling does not have to do with:
39. The salesperson’s responsibility to the consumer does not include:
40. The salesperson’s responsibility to the government and society does not encompass:
41. SMEI’s International Code of Ethics for Sales and Marketing refers to a salesperson’s pledge of high standards in serving your company, its customers, and free enterprise.
Read 'Chapter 14: Personal planning and' & answer the following question(s):
42. The self-directed salesperson does not:
43. The salesperson should analyze the following quantitative aspects except:
44. To avoid wasted calls and actions the salesperson should consider all except:
45. The salesperson’s records should include:
Read 'Chapter 15: Retail selling' & answer the following question(s):
46. ______________ is not part of processes and purposes in retail selling:
47. Methods of increasing retail sales do not include:
48. After a sale the salesperson should not do the following:
49. Common types of customers do not include:
Read 'Chapter 16: Industrial selling' & answer the following question(s):
50. Characteristics of industrial selling do not include:
51. Industrial salespersons usually have:
52. Which one of the following is not a major buying motive of the purchasing agent:
Read 'Chapter 17: Sales management' & answer the following question(s):
53. Major responsibilities of sales managers can not include:
54. The sales manager is not usually responsible for making company sales forecasts.
Read 'Chapter 18: Selecting and training of salespeople' & answer the following question(s):
55. Better selection and training procedures can result in all except:
56. Personal interviews for sales positions basically do not include:
57. _________________ is not one of questions frequently asked in the personal interview:
Read 'Chapter 19: The sales force of the future' & answer the following question(s):
58. New techniques for sales success do not include:
59. Which of the following is not a sales force productivity driver?
60. Territory level analysis has proven most to be useful for the issues except:
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