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Course 371010- Retailing: Brick-Mortar/Click-Mortar
  Final Exam
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371010v - Retailing: Brick-Mortar/Click-Mortar

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Final Exam
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Read 'Chapter 1: Retailers and their structure' & answer the following question(s):
1. Retail is the ____________ industry in the U.S. both in number of establishments and number of employees.
2. _____________________ are not included in traditional retailing:
3. Which one of the following is not a disadvantage of online retailers?
Read 'Chapter 2: Retail management requirements' & answer the following question(s):
4. Marketers can carry on online marketing in the following way(s):
5. Suggestions to improve the plight of e-tailers do not include the following:
6. Retail management skills do not include:
Read 'Chapter 3: Store Location' & answer the following question(s):
7. Human factor requirements refer to:
8. Successful retail businesses:
9. The suburbanite is more apt to:
Read 'Chapter 4: Store buildings, fixtures and equipment' & answer the following question(s):
10. Fundamental considerations to be taken into account in choosing a site do not include:
11. IT in retailing can give information on all except:
12. ____________________ is not a factor affecting layout or arrangement of fixtures and merchandise:
Read 'Chapter 5: Arranging the store's interior - layout' & answer the following question(s):
13. The general patterns evidenced in the structure for branch operations do not include:
14. One of the following is not one of the four major steps involved in selecting retail employees:
15. Techniques available for appraising training programs include:
Read 'Chapter 6: Structure of the retail firm' & answer the following question(s):
16. Which one of the following is not a goal of a compensation plan?
17. Job dissatisfaction and employee complaints can include:
18. ___________________ is not an essential element in a merchandise budgeting plan:
Read 'Chapter 7: Retail human resource management' & answer the following question(s):
19. A good budget to accomplish its purpose should:
20. The stock-sales ratio indicates the relationship that exists:
Read 'Chapter 8: Merchandising policies and budget' & answer the following question(s):
21. Two types of formal buying plans available are:
22. Factors that influence the quantities of stock to be purchased do not include:
Read 'Chapter 9: Planning and selecting item assortments' & answer the following question(s):
23. Once established, a basic stock list should:
24. ________________ is not an inside source of information on customer’s buying habits:
25. A model stock is not:
Read 'Chapter 10: Buying : Selecting merchandising resources' & answer the following question(s):
26. _______________________ is not a major source of supply open to retailers:
27. Group buying yield the following benefits except:
28. An invoice or resources bill of goods will not include:
Read 'Chapter 11: Buying : Negotiating with merchandise resources' & answer the following question(s):
29. Discounts can be based on all the following except:
30. “Terms of sale” do not refer to:
31. "Net 30 days" is a good example of _________________.
Read 'Chapter 12: Merchandise control' & answer the following question(s):
32. On an invoice dated August 7, with terms 3/10 EOM, the 3 percent discount can be taken through
33. Limitations of merchandise control can not include:
34. Merchandise management or stock control refers to:
Read 'Chapter 13: Handling incoming merchandise' & answer the following question(s):
35. Which one of the following is not a unit control system?
36. Stock shortages or theft of merchandise can be minimized by all except:
37. Centralization of common activities in the receiving operations of merchandise allows for all except:
Read 'Chapter 14: Pricing' & answer the following question(s):
38. Information required on incoming shipments can not include:
39. Limitations of price lining do not include:
40. ________________ is not a factor influencing markup:
Read 'Chapter 15: Advertising and Display' & answer the following question(s):
41. Other factors that can influence markup pricing include:
42. The steps in programming retail advertising do not include:
Read 'Chapter 16: Other nonpersonal methods of retail' & answer the following question(s):
43. Interior displays can be classified into these categories except:
44. Non-personal methods of sales promotion used by retailers do not include:
Read 'Chapter 17: Personal salesmanship' & answer the following question(s):
45. Sales promotions employed by supermarkets do not include:
46. Some general rules helpful in selling include all except:
47. Which of the following is not a major cause of customer complaints?
Read 'Chapter 18: Customer services' & answer the following question(s):
48. Customer services can not include:
49. ______________________ is not a type of retail credit or consumer credit:
50. Which of the following Federal statutes does not apply to credit legislation?
Read 'Chapter 19: Retail credit and collections' & answer the following question(s):
51. _____________ is not a yardstick for judging the effectiveness of credit departments:
52. Accounting records serve all of the following purposes except:
53. The retailer’s “net worth” is:
Read 'Chapter 20: Basic accounting controls' & answer the following question(s):
54. The daily record of each day’s transactions does not include:
55. An item conspicuously absent from operating statements under the cost method of figuring profits is the:
56. Advantages of the retail method of preparing an operating statement include all except:
57. Which of the following two figures are required by the retail inventory method to be carried on the retailer’s books at retail and at cost?
Read 'Chapter 21: Analyzing and controlling expenses' & answer the following question(s):
58. In seeking to improve profits, the retailer has most control over:
59. Methods of allocating expenses do not include:
60. Expense comparison and analysis do not involve:
Read 'Chapter 22: Control of sales transactions' & answer the following question(s):
61. The internal theft problems that can arise in a retail business do not include
62. Major crimes committed against retailers by outsiders include all except:
63. Internal theft problems include:
Read 'Chapter 23: Retail security and loss prevention' & answer the following question(s):
64. Management’s prime responsibility is to:
65. Online retailers (e-tailers) should not take into account:
Read 'Chapter 24: Management coordination and leadership' & answer the following question(s):
66. Which of the following is true of the balance sheet?
67. Which of the following is the correct way to date an operating statement?
Read 'Chapter 25: Brick and Mortar to Click and Mortar: E-tailing' & answer the following question(s):
68. Gross margin is
69. The first step in merchandising budgeting is the preparation of the:
70. _________________________ is not likely to be a future change in retailing.
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