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Course 371002- How to Organize and Run a Small Business
  Final Exam
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371002v - How to Organize and Run a Small Business

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Final Exam
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Read 'Chapter 0: Course Material' & answer the following question(s):
1. Small firms represent _______________ of all employer firms.
2. ______________________ is NOT likely a deciding factor in buying an existing business.
3. Which is NOT a method of determining a business value?
4. A business value may be computed by multiplying earnings by a _____________ typical in the industry.
5. There are many ways to determine the value of a business. One of the popular methods that determines the value of a business based on the revenue generating capacity of the company is
6. Assume that gross revenue is $32,500,000 and gross revenue multiplier is .4, then the valuation is
7. The tough questions to ask when starting a business do NOT include?
8. Where should a retail store be located?
9. A well-prepared business plan serves what functions?
10. A business plan does NOT include
11. A business plan can be a(n) _____________________
12. What of the following is not a factor to be considered in deciding upon a source of financing?
13. Which one of the following provides a cost-free source of financing for a firm?
14. SBA borrowers seeking to start a new business should prepare a
15. Leasing advantages include all EXCEPT
16. All of the following are alternative marketable securities suitable for short-term investment EXCEPT
17. A working capital technique that increases the payable float and therefore delays the outflow of cash is
18. When managing cash and short-term investments, a corporate treasurer is primarily concerned with
19. In managing inventory you should NOT
20. The result of the economic order quantity formula indicates the
21. The ordering costs associated with inventory management include
22. In inventory management, the safety stock will tend to increase if the
23. To qualify as an S corporation, a corporation cannot have more than _____ shareholders.
24. Legal purchase contracts do NOT include
25. To protect yourself from competitive infringement you need to
26. The Trademark Electronic Application System is found at
27. Adequate financial record keeping systems include all EXCEPT
28. Financial ratios can be classified into all but one of the following
29. Startup costs do NOT include
30. Most states provide specific exemptions from sales taxes to all EXCEPT
31. Major areas of marketing research do NOT include
32. Advantages of new product introduction does NOT include
33. Social media are:
34. Personal selling involves
35. Which one of the following is NOT a factor establishing a selling price
36. The different basic pricing approaches for a new product will NOT include:
37. In selecting an insurer you should NOT consider
38. _____________________ is accounting software:
39. The disadvantages of using a temporary agency for temporary help include:
40. Typical information sources for running a small business do NOT include:
41. ________________ is NOT a credit bureau:
42. You may obtain a patent granting exclusive right for _______ years:
43. The equity at the end of the period consists of:
44. Activity ratios do NOT include:
45. Reasons to start a franchise instead of an entirely new business include all of the following EXCEPT:
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