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Course 171001- Managing and Improving Cash Flow
  Final Exam
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171001v - Managing and Improving Cash Flow

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Final Exam
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Read 'Chapter 0: Course Material' & answer the following question(s):
1. Cash flow is synonymous with
2. Factors that contribute to the crests and troughs of cash flow include all EXCEPT:
3. Way(s) to cut costs do NOT include:
4. Objectives of cash management do NOT include:
5. Which of the following is NOT a key factor that determines how much cash you should hold?
6. One way to guard against accumulating excessive balances is to establish
7. A small business moves on:
8. If you are to manage cash flows you need to know the difference between accounting profits and:
9. You can compute and analyze liquidity by:
10. A high cash ratio of sales to cash (called cash turnover) may reveal:
11. Which of the following is NOT likely an option with surplus (extra) cash?
12. Cash flow cycles depend on the following factors EXCEPT for:
13. The amount of cash balance held does NOT depend on:
14. Future value is best described as
15. _____________ is NOT a document of cash transactions:
16. A financial statement includes all of the following items: operating activities, financial activities and investing activities. What financial statement is this?
17. Which of the following is NOT part of the typical cash budget?
18. Examples of cash expenses do NOT include:
19. Embezzlement may NOT be indicated by:
20. To ensure the accuracy of the cash count the audit procedures include:
21. _______________________ is NOT a benefit of short-term cash forecast:
22. Cash forecasting is valuable in
23. _________________ is NOT an example of certain cash flows:
24. Which one of the following is NOT a cash management program?
25. A well-managed accounts payable system should include all EXCEPT:
26. Sound management of accounts payable includes the following principles EXCEPT for:
27. Which one of the following is NOT a typical symptom for accounts payable problems:
28. When negotiating with vendors for more favorable terms you should never:
29. _______________ is NOT one of cash collection strategies:
30. A typical list of cash outlays for leased fixed assets does NOT include:
31. Tactics for delaying payments do NOT include:
32. __________ is NOT an advantage of buying assets (or incurring expenses) with debts:
33. Danger signs of possible collection problems include all EXCEPT:
34. __________________ is NOT a source of credit information:
35. The bank balance is adjusted for items reflected on your records that are not on the bank statement. They include:
36. ____________________ is NOT a type of delay in processing checks:
37. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) can be linked electronically via communication networks EXCEPT for:
38. A retail lockbox offers the following advantages EXCEPT for:
39. Checks used to transfer money between bank accounts are called:
40. A lock-box system
41. To receive cash sooner do NOT use the following:
42. To select a particular way of financing you should NOT consider:
43. Examples of liquid securities include all EXCEPT:
44. Which one of the following provides the best source of financing for a firm?
45. Factoring of accounts receivable is:
46. The 5 C’s of credit do NOT include:
47. Criteria lenders generally use include all EXCEPT:
48. To secure a bank loan you should:
49. Zero balance accounts (ZBAs) are special checking accounts with the following benefit:
50. ____________________ is a certified cash/treasury manager:
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